wWinnie the Pooh theme, basket, diaper cake, or gift bag. Great for Boy or Girl.


King of the Jungle theme



Ballerina or Princess theme

Toronto Maple Leaf theme gift cake

Toronto Maple Leaf theme, in blue or pink


Standard round basket, available in blue, pink, or yellow only $55.00.

Each basket is uniquely designed and includes the finest quality of individually selected baby gifts including sleepers, bibs, handknit sweaters, booties, toys, receiving blankets, socks, Johnson's baby products and more!

Seasonal themes are available such as Hallowe'en, Christmas, and Easter Baskets for the newborn. Our beautifully wrapped baby gift baskets are great for the shower group gift, and can even be your spectacular table centrepiece. We deliver to the workplace, hospital or home, and include designer labels such as Calvin Klein, Baby Phat, NHL brand, Disney, and Nike among others

Winnie the Pooh Pink theme in Bassinet basket

Disney Princess, Ballerina too!

Bassinet baby girl!

A Toronto Maple Leaf Gift Bag $45.00

Round Baskets only $55.00! Bassinet Basket or 2-tier Diaper gift cake $65.00

Gift Bags $45.00,(10 items) Standard round basket $55.00, Bassinet, or Diaper gift cake $65.00, (10 items) Deluxe,$75.00 (15 items),Premium $100.00 (20 items)

For Hallowe'en time...Here's a few gift ideas for that special Hallowe'en baby!

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Holiday Season Baskets

Twins 1st Xmas wrapeWelcome a baby born during this festive time...beautifully wrapped with green and red theme ribbon and bow. Santa items or Reindeer themed items including sleeper, bib, socks and more! Red Baskets, Reindeer or Santa Gift Bags, and diaper gift cakes are all options for the Holiday season arrangement. You are welcome to include within the basket an additional gift you have purchased on your own if preferred.

($55.00-$100.00 depending on number of items included)

3-Tier Premium Reindeer theme Diaper gift cake for$ 95.00- $110.00

2-Tier Deluxe Santa theme, and Reindeer Theme Diaper gift cakes

($65-$75.00 depending on number of items preferred)

santa basket red wickerunwrapped twins xmas